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Ridiculous, Deadly BC Ferries Stunt.

James bond...real life...with fatal consequences.

Someone in BC decided they wanted to commit suicide. The way they did it was totally ridiculous, completely insane, inconvenienced hundreds of people, and could have easily killed someone other than themselves.

Apparently, someone at the ferry terminal on Gabriola Island... (pop 4050… )


....decided it would be a good idea to kill themselves. They did it by flooring it, and aiming for a ramp to the ferry the MV Quinsam. They hit the ramp at high speed, crashed through a 6 foot barrier gate, LANDED ON THE DOCKED MV QUINSAM (pic included of ferry) ...and hurtled off the far end of the ferry plunging into 48M (Approx 150 ft) of ice cold pacific ocean water. The dive teams have not yet been able to reach the car and the presumably dead driver. See here for a pic of the ferry he drove off. (…

This image was lost some time after publication.

I think I speak for all of us when I say "Holy fuck"

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